Tooth whitening is a popular procedure, and it isn’t hard to see why. It is an easy, simple way to give yourself a bright, white smile. However, if you have never had your teeth whitened, you may have some questions about what to expect. At Smithville Family Dentistry, we have extensive experience in tooth whitening, and we are happy to help you through this process.

First, your Smithville dentist will consult you on the procedure, as well as your oral hygiene in general. This will help determine whether or not tooth whitening is right for you. If you and your dentist decide to proceed, you may need to undergo a traditional tooth cleaning before going through the Zoom! process. After that, your dentist will cover your lips and gums to ensure that only your teeth remain exposed. Then, the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel will be applied to your teeth. Your Smithville dentist will then activate the Zoom! light, which works to penetrate the surface of your tooth and enter the enamel and dentin of your teeth. This bleaches out any stains, but does not disturb the structure of your teeth. This lasts about 15 minutes, and is repeated three times, making your appointment about 45 minutes long. After you have finished, your dentist will apply a fluoride paste to your teeth to help reduce sensitivity. Following your procedure, you will receive custom-fitted whitening trays that allow you to touch up your whitening at home.

Are you interested in having your teeth whitened? You can trust your Smithville dentist at Smithville Family Dentistry to make your teeth sparkling white! Contact us today to schedule your Zoom! tooth whitening session.