Bad breath (also known as halitosis) is a social life killer. No one wants to be within breathing distance of someone that has bad breath. When you find yourself popping breath mints to hide a foul smell, it is time to seek out professional help. Bad breath does not always mean that you ate something full of onion or garlic, sometimes bad breath is a sign of something more serious. The only way in which you can know what is causing your bad breath is to visit a dentist at Smithville Family Dentistry.

Poor oral hygiene is usually the culprit behind bad breath. Some people use oral care guidelines as more of a suggestion and tend to skip one, or all steps. When you skip normal brushing and flossing your health is taking the on all of the consequences. Food particles and bacteria begin to build up which can cause some very stinky breath. Poor oral health will also lead to tooth decay. Once a tooth begins to decay, the smell is not great. When left untreated, tooth decay causes some serious damage to your overall health.

Some underlying health conditions can also cause breath to become less than fresh. Individuals that have poorly controlled diabetes may find that their breath begins to smell. Certain medications that are used to treat and manage different medical conditions can even change the way in which your breath smells. It is important to remember that not all bad breath is from your food. While food is usually the main cause, only a Smithville Dentist can come up with a different diagnosis.

If you find yourself battling chronic bad breath, it is time to visit the professionals. No one should have to battle foul-breath when there is health very near.