Unless you are lucky enough not to require it, most people have to have at least one of their wisdom teeth removed. While the idea of this procedure may be scary to you, your Smithville dentist at Smithville Family Dentistry is skilled at this surgery, and can help you to recover as quickly as possible. While there will always be some discomfort after wisdom tooth removal, there are certain steps you can take to ease your pain and speed up recovery.

Apply Ice

On day one of your recovery, apply ice directly on the cheek closest to the area of extraction. This will help with swelling and pain. Do not apply heat to this area.

Keep Your Head Elevated

When you lay down, keep your head elevated with pillows at a 45 degree angle. This position is ideal to help the blood flow properly, preventing discomfort around the wound.

Drink Coconut Water

When you are recovering from wisdom tooth surgery, you need to be properly nourished, but this is difficult when you cannot eat solid foods. Drinking coconut water is a good option because it gives you electrolytes and keeps your blood sugar stable. Either drink it cold by itself, or put it in a smoothie.

Avoid Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can lead to dry sockets. Try to breathe through your nose, and if you do breathe through your mouth, use an oral cavity moisturizer to keep your mouth moist.

Massage Your Masseter Muscles

Massaging your masseter muscles can help your recovery by stimulating blood flow to the area and easing the soreness and cramping that you may experience from keeping your mouth open during surgery. To locate the muscles, place your fingers right outside the opening of each ear.


Recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction is not painless, but you can take steps to help yourself recover quicker. When you need a wisdom tooth extracted, trust your Smithville dentist at Smithville Family Dentistry to do it right.