New parents have many concerns when it comes to their children. When should they begin walking? What age should they talk? What foods should they eat? Should you baby proof every single corner of your home? The list is never ending. It is too bad that many parents do not begin to think about their children’s oral health until well after their first tooth has erupted. Many parents do not even think about taking their children into a family dentistry practice in Smithville, TX until their toddler years.

The question is, when should you schedule the first appointment with a family dentistry practice in Smithville, TX? Smithville Family Dentistry wants parents to know that their children should be seen as early as 6 months old but before their first birthday. Teeth are growing under the surface of the gums well before they break through. These early dental visits to the educate parents. Typically a young child should be seen by a pediatric dentist until they are old enough to visit their family dentistry clinic.  Often these early visits are mostly for the benefit of the parents. It is in these visits that parents will learn how to properly care for their children’s “baby” teeth. It is important to your young child’s health that their “baby” teeth remain healthy until they are lost naturally. “Baby” teeth are responsible for teaching children how to chew food properly. These “baby” teeth also help children develop normal speech patterns.

To learn more about early childhood dental care, contact the professionals at Smithville Family Dentistry. We can help you determine a schedule for your child to visit our dental practice to ensure that their oral care does not fall to the wayside!