Gentle Family Dentistry-Children & AdultsKids, particularly pre-teens, have an interesting way of looking at hygiene. Dental hygiene and personal hygiene pretty much go by the wayside unless kids are told what they need to do. These sweet little girls that used to have bouncing pigtails with bows around them, now are in a limbo of having to be responsible for keeping themselves clean. The little boys who always had dirt under their fingernails and something on their face, well the little boys will always stay the same. Not to say that all children are going to be that way, but a big part of growing up is pushing limits and seeing what they can get away with. For a kiddo that has been told every night to brush their teeth, it is pretty tempting to leave the toothbrush in its holder. At Smithville Family Dentist we are committed to helping you and you little ones have a beautiful smile for a lifetime.      

Overcome the Challenges

The ages before adolescence are a challenge for your little ones, the prepubescent changes generally affect pretty much everything. It is generally hard to remember what it was like going through puberty but pretty much every one of us can remember losing a tooth. It is surprising that losing teeth isn’t much more traumatic for kids. For adults, losing teeth can be an incredibly traumatic experience and we don’t have the benefit of having the tooth fairy visit.

Brushing the Baby Teeth

dreamstime_xxl_17066065It is critical that young children and pre-teens that haven’t lost all of their teeth yet practice a strict brushing regimen. The challenge is to establish a habit of good oral hygiene that will last for a lifetime. Brushing twice a day and flossing is the accepted routine for maintaining proper dental health. It is hard enough for most adults to remember to brush their teeth twice a day when life gets hectic, that is why true diligence about brushing needs to be practiced with our children. ‘

Baby teeth might seem like disposable place holders for the adult teeth that will eventually take their place; nothing could be further from the truth. The care of baby teeth is incredibly important in establishing a good foundation for the adult teeth to come.

Changes Include The Mouth Also

dreamstime_xxl_10970970Your pre-teen may have a few teeth to go before the complete set of adult teeth make their appearance. This is a critical time for your child’s teeth and it is imperative that good dental habits be encouraged. During puberty, the bacteria inside the mouth begins to change and habits like drinking soda and eating candy do not make it any easier for the new adult teeth. The pre-teen years are also the time when it is determined if your child will need braces or not. At Smithville Family Dentistry, we specialize in treating the entire family from the first dental baby visit, to a senior’s checkup to prevent tooth loss. That being said, it is never too late to start down the path to positive dental health. Call us today for an appointment or fill out our appointment request. We would love to hear from you!