Wedding season. A time that women love to love or love to hate. Weddings mean candid photographs and hundreds of strangers. Wedding season can be stressful, especially if your smile is not exactly as white as you would like. So what if you are fantastic with regular oral hygiene? Habits such as coffee and wine drinking can discolor teeth no matter how well you keep up with brushing and flossing! No one wants tons of photographs of their discolored teeth. Before wedding season becomes too stressful, whiten your smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry in Smithville, TX to get the most brilliant smile possible!

White teeth are not the only thing that determines good oral health. Brushing and flossing are still very important. Unfortunately, bad habits can discolor teeth even with proper hygiene practices. The tooth discoloration may be so slight that you do not even notice it until the first picture is released from a recent wedding! No worries, Smithville Family Dentistry offers professional cosmetic dentistry in Smithville, TX that encompasses in-clinic whitening! We offer Zoom Whitening that takes less than one hour total! Over 3 separate sessions of 15 minutes, your teeth will sparkle! We also offer our patients free tooth whitening for life so that they will always have a photo ready smile, wedding season or not!

Do not get caught on camera with a less than stellar smile. Smithville Family Dentistry is known for their outstanding cosmetic dentistry in Smithville, TX. We only use the most advanced technology to keep our patients smiles at their very best. Call today to schedule a consultation or to schedule Zoom Whitening! We are sure that when you are through, you will fall in love with your smile!