As time and technology have marched forward, a lot of pain that the dentist might have caused is long gone, and instead we have many ways to mitigate the pain you may be feeling in your jaw or teeth.

Diagnostic Improvements

Great advances in diagnostic technology over the last several decades have allowed dentists to diagnose and treat a wide range of periodontal diseases and ailments with ease. X-ray technology, combined with advanced imaging systems like the digital panorex, allow dentists to get a much better picture of what’s going on than ever before. Digital panorex takes a 360-degree picture of the inside of a patient’s mouth, head, and sinuses in order to determine if and where problems areas may exist. Intraoral cameras allow for up-close examination of areas that may be hard to see from other imaging scans, and let a dentist see a real time view of the mouth on a screen that’s right in front of them during the examination.

Treatment Improvements

Along with diagnostic improvements, there are now more forms of pain mitigation that are available to dental patients. In addition to nitrous oxide (laughing gas) there have also been improvements to the administration of local anesthetics, as well as the development and implementation of OraVerse, which removes excess numbness after a procedure. Implanted new dental appliances has also gotten quicker and easier with the advance of technology. New implant, bridge, and denture technology has allowed for exact-fitting appliances to replace broken or missing teeth.

Patient Comfort

In addition to diagnostic and treatment improvements, we are also very sensitive about your comfort during exams and procedures. We offer many different options for making sure you are as comfortable as you can possibly be, including soft blankets, noise-cancelling headphones, and iPods with video glasses.
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